The Princess and The Snail and Their Predicament

I hadn’t really caught on to how things work with my first post but, that should do it.

I stood in the forest watching the snail cough up strawberry gobs of vomit. The raw chunks came up against fangs and forced themselves out any way they could.

This is what had happened. The snail had left his swamp. I don’t know why and I don’t know how. I hoped he was not dying but I feared he was.

I reached out to force him back the way he came and he reared up at me, falling hard upon the ground with a dry rustle. I retreated. In all my time with him not once had I touched his poison. Not even for fear of the snails’ life would I do so now. The strawberry chunks littered the ground all around the area and flecks of poison both mixed with them and landed on their own to eat away at whatever they touched.

The snail continued to vomit and made such noises. I’d never heard them before from him or anything else as he choked a little with every expulsion and tried to wheeze with every second of relief. The  yellow green and yellow spots fading on his back and purple spreading in irregular patches as his skin sunk in on itself. I stood there and watched as the snail died.

A change in the world and the Elf was there, naked and artfully painted red. She stared at the snail and shrieked and then she stared at me. Her green eyes flashed. “I should have trusted a human to screw things up. I’ve worse for you to do,” she said emphatically and I found that I was in a small cavern. I looked toward the opening at the bars from top to bottom. I was alone.


About theprincessandthestrawberrysnail

Hey, I tell stories. I was part of a rp site for a little while. I'm interesting in a crazy, wild-eyed sort of way. I'm capable of looking in the mirror and scaring myself. My stuff is interesting and my dreams are vivid.
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